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November 26, 2012
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You walked out of the bathroom, strangely refreshed. "If only those bitches knew how good it really feels," you thought to yourself, looking down on your new, white bandages. You weren't joking, the electric sensations that ran through your body every time you sank a razor-blade through the thin skin on your lower arm, felt the same as the sensations from being touched by someone you loved. Or so you thought, you hadn't really loved anyone for a long time. You looked at the time. . "Hm. I've been bathing for hours," you thought, heading for your wardrobe to get your uniform.
Pulling out a red, checkered skirt, you sighed. "Always the same uniform, same school, same teachers, same damn boring day. I wish someone would actually change something!" You thought out loud, before getting out a white dress shirt with short, puffy arms and a navy blue blazer. First, you put the shirt on, then the skirt. You walked over to a dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out a black tie and a pair of white knee-highs. "Damn Japanese-style school, using these stupid and weird uniforms," you mumbled under your breath, as you pulled on a white sock. As soon as you had gotten the socks properly on, and tied the tie awesomely around your neck, you grabbed your blazer and started walking out the door to your room, heading for the kitchen. "What kind of classes do I have today?" you asked yourself, as you saw the door to the kitchen, at the end of the corridor.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Time skip, brought to you by S. T. Upidtimeskips!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(America's P.O.V.)
I walked through the school building, happily as always, when I spotted (Name). And she looked just as strange and creepy as always! I gulped loudly and left my friends with a "See you later!"
I stumbled over to her, kind of hoping she'd notice me, so we wouldn't be left in an awkward silence because I wouldn't dare to greet her. I grinned at her as she turned to see who was walking behind her, so when she simply turned away again, I felt defeated. "(N-Name), what's up, yo?" I called, as I ran to her side, like a hero. Because that's what I am! The hero!
"The sky," she responded, making me feel like faceflooring. Of course, I didn't, because heroes don't facefloor! "I meant, how are you doing?" I asked, with a sheepish grin, rubbing my neck awkwardly. "I know that. I'm not stupid." She answered, still cold as ice, with a monotone tone. "I-I see…" I mumbled, stopping with both grinning and rubbing my neck, as she made it seem inappropriate.
"I'm doing fine," she suddenly said, breaking the silence that had been present the last couple of moments. "I don't see why it bothers you, though. It's not like what happens to me, and what I do, will affect anything happening to you, or anything you are doing," you pointed out, putting pressure on the 'You'-s. This led to another tiny silence. There was simply NO WAY I was doing this without a special reason, obviously. "E-eh.. B-because… Because I'm the hero! The hero doesn't leave sad people! He cheers them up!" I yelled out, proud of my 'Reason'.
"You're a moppet," was her response to that, leading us into yet another silence. Luckily, she broke that one herself! Again.. "But it's kind of cute. So go bother some cute girl who cares."
Damn, that one felt good and bad at the same time…
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    S. T. Upidtimeskips is being a jerk again!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(My P.O.V!  :dummy:)
"Alfred! Alfred, come over here!" a cute girl sang, her (length) (h/c) hair bouncing beautifully around her shoulders, framing her face perfectly. Alfred, a young boy, turned to look at whoever was calling, losing his breath when he saw her. "(N-N-Name)?!" he exclaimed, his cheeks tinted with pink. "Who else?" (Name) sang, her (metaphor e/c) eyes shining and radiating happiness. Suddenly, she was all the way over to him, her short, (colour) dress floating around her like water. "You changed me!" she said, giving him a sincere smile, before throwing her arms around his torso and burying her face into the crook of his neck, enveloping him in a hug. "And I love you for it…" she whispered into his neck, placing a tender kiss on his sensitive skin. She pulled back and smiled at him, before slowly leaning in for a kiss. Suddenly, her hair seemed more of a light blonde, and her eyes more blue. Her (colour) dress seemed more like a red hoodie, and she looked like she was wearing half-transparent glasses.

"Alfred! Alfred! Alfred, wake up," he heard, before the entire world blurred into a mess of colours, and his love disappeared, leaving him with his brother, Matthew, who was shaking him up and down by his collar, effectively waking him up. "Alfred, you're scaring me!" the younger brother exclaimed, tearing up. "M-Matt, I'm awake," Alfred mumbled, calming his little brother down. "Ch-chill a little, Mattie.. You almost choked me," he continued, raising a hand to loosen his messed up collar. Matthew looked at him with teary eyes, before raising the crooks of his mouth to a smile."You were mumbling, blushing and rolling around.. I was worried!" he said with a light chuckle at the end. Alfred smiled at his brother, before replying, "I'm the hero! I would never die in my sleep! Especially not, if it'd make my brother sad!"
This made Matthew smile, and he got back up from... The bed? Alfred could not remember going to bed... Thinking back, he remembered sitting on his computer desk, with his computer, doing some heroic research on sadness and creepiness. It hadn't helped him much. "Maybe I'm just using the wrong words.. I think there's a different word for long-lasting sadness... Gah, why don't I know this, when I'm the hero?!" he thought to himself, ending it with a groan. "I'm sure Matt will know!"
"Hey Mattie!" he called out, as he got out the bed Matthew probably had carried him to. "Yeah?" he faintly heard someone call back. "Is there a word for long-lasting sadness?"
This shocked and scared Matthew; why would Alfred need to know that?! Carrying the pancakes he'd miraculously made in only a matter of seconds, he ran back to his brother's room. "W-why would you need to know?" he asked, his voice dripping with concern and worry. He hoped his brother hadn't gotten himself into something scary...
"There's this girl at school, (Name), who seems... Sad... And I.. I want to cheer her up!" Alfred replied with a heroic chuckle. "(N-Name)?" Matthew asked, his cheeks tinting pink. He looked down, rather uncomfortably, before gazing up at his brother. "Why?"
"Well, because I'm the hero!" Alfred answered, with a loud and obnoxious laugh."It'll fail," was Matthew's reply, as he put down the plate of pancakes, and turned around."H-hey, bro.. W-whatdya' mean with t- that?" Alfred asked, his eyebrows raised sadly, and his eyes hinting hopelessness.

"I've already tried. She really doesn't care..." Matthew mumbled in response, leaving his now very worried brother in his room. He turned around, letting his brother see a pair of heart-broken eyes, filled with despair, before answering a question asked earlier. "Long-lasting sadness is called depression. Just so you know."
With this, Matthew left, slowly walking towards his own room, where he planned on going to sleep, and forgetting the world.
OH EM GEE, IT’S FINALLY UP! Because I wrote this without internet and possibility to put this up before starting the next chapter, I will already have started on it, when this is up! :’DD
I can’t wait to find out, though~
The story is a little bit over 2 word pages, and contain 1,250 words exactly!

Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3: Right here c:
Chapter 4: In progress~

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